Brian Kim
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Brian Kim

Transportation Consultant

Brian is a Transportation Consultant with private consulting, construction, and municipal government experience. He graduated in 2023 from the University of Waterloo where he pursued his Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering. Brian's fascination with transportation infrastructure and systems led him to choose a specialization in transportation. He dedicated his studies to mastering the intricacies of designing, planning, and managing transportation networks.

To complement his theoretical knowledge, Brian completed several co-operative education terms where he gained hands-on experience in various civil engineering projects. Among the various responsibilities he has undertaken, Brian has excelled in project coordination, report preparation, roadway design, modeling, and conducting transportation impact assessments. His strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and innovative thinking made him a valuable asset in many of his projects.

As a Transportation Consultant, Brian’s responsibilities include undertaking and reviewing technical analyses, data management, report preparation, transportation modelling and design, quality assurance, and completing field investigations.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil Engineering), University of Waterloo, 2023