Stew Elkins
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Stew Elkins


Vice President and Chief Resources Officer, Principal

Stewart is on the Board of Directors and has corporate responsibility for the delivery of consulting services to our public and private sector clients. He is also responsible for human resource matters for the firm in his role as Chief Resources Officer for Paradigm.

Mr. Elkins has more than 30 years of progressive transportation planning and traffic engineering experience. He has managed a variety of multi-modal projects throughout Ontario including transportation master plans, Municipal Class Environmental Assessments (EAs), truck route studies, transportation policy development, neighbourhood traffic management studies, parking studies, and transportation impact assessments. 

He is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers and was Past President of the Southwestern Ontario Section. 

Over the past decade, Stewart has been focused on transportation impact assessments and parking studies for a variety of land uses including residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and pits and quarries. Transportation impact assessments are a specialized study to determine the impact that a certain type and size of development will have on the surrounding transportation system. The objective is to identify the mitigative requirements to accommodate the increase in traffic and to ensure pedestrian, cycling and transit infrastructure is sufficient and on-site circulation and site design are appropriate. Parking studies assess parking demand to ensure that the parking supply is appropriate and strikes a balance between making the overall development viable while achieving the goals and objectives of municipal transportation plans and policies.

Mr. Elkins has considerable experience at the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly the OMB and LPAT). He has been an expert witness in the area of transportation planning at over 30 hearings. 


  • Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Hons), University of Waterloo, 1993